Places to look for flathead catfish on rivers

The best places to look for flathead catfish.

Flathead catfish will frequent areas of water ways for one of three reasons.

Seasonal patterns will often help determine locations as well.

1. Food source locating schools of bait fish will help determine where you should fish for catfish. This could be in deep open water or a shallow point.

2. Cover: catfish comfort zones Flatheads are attracted to such zones within the structure and deep water lair’s. Wood log jams, boulders or manmade elements, all attract bait fish and allows the catfish to rest and wait for an ambush of unsuspecting prey.

3. Navigation: Flatheads will use underwater contours such as ledges, channels and ditches to navigate throughout a body of water, kind of like highways. They will use this structure to travel from one area to the other in a body of water in search of either food or comfort.

Here are some good places to look for Flathead catfish when fishing on rivers, fresh water inlets, industry, current seams and eddy’s are all excellent places to throw a bait for flatheads.