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  1. admin says:

    survey results are getting interesting, as we get further into it.

    thanks guys

  2. bugger says:

    Steve… Depending on the species of catfish I’m targeting will change some of my answerers to the survey.

  3. catterman says:

    Im surprised that channel cats get the most votes. The way i fish, its 50/50 flats and blues. Normally i would have voted for live gills or live eel (if it were an option) but lately, ive caught more flats and blues on cut eel than anything, even the live bait.

  4. Copley says:

    hey steve i caught a blue catfish that weighed about 15 pounds out in my pond and its only about 5-6 ft deep. i used chopped up bluegill. i was wondering i went fishing yesterday morning using chicken liver but only got a couple of bits nothing else. i didnt catch anything. but about 2 weeks ago i caught the 15 pounder with just bluegill. do you know why that is?

  5. admin says:

    hot weather may be the problem, if your ponds only 5-6 ft deep, the weather will effect them more!

    good luck

  6. Copley says:

    thanks a alot. and yeah we have been having record highs here. the weather has been over 100 degrees a couple of days in a row! so when it is that hot should i just not even try to fish that day because i would be wasting my time or what? because just about 2 nights ago it was 11:30 pm and it was 86 degrees outside. so what should i do?

  7. admin says:

    Copley, check out my newest post, this may help you!

  8. Copley says:

    thank you steve and yes it did help me out. appreciate the advice and you keep catching monster catfish lol

  9. Chris Cordia says:

    I was most surprised with Habitat and Water Depth. But I guess if your mainly channel cat fishing, it makes cents.

  10. txbigcats says:

    Depending on how far I want to travel on a night, answers do change…. as always.

  11. Damask55 says:

    i fish the delaware river for cats, main baits we use are fresh white perch #1, eels, fresh herring, blue fish, sunfish….i presume what we call a bullhead you call flats heads??? cuz the channel catsd we have and bullheads and the mudkats (brownish yellow guys)….

  12. byrdini says:

    So I have been fishing the Meremac river in stl. Very flat river not very many sharp drop offs. Few deep holes. Caught 3 10 lbs a few weeks ago. How ever it’s been slow since that weekend. Using skip jacks mainly. Very slow. Maybe it’s this time of year? Any suggestions? Have structure scan so what should I look for? On a good note. I am heading out with Ryan Casey from Showmecatfishing guides drifting for big blues in a couple of weeks. Pretty excited. He catches some like you do. Good video on utube from a couple weeks ago. This website is awesome. I am sure my luck should change soon after listening to your tips. Thanks for any suggestions. Have a good one.

  13. byrdini says:

    So another slow night. Hit every where. Only one small channel. The area we are fishing is chalk full of Asian carp. Could that be a problem? Thanks for any info you have. Later

  14. Jim Sanders says:

    We fish the shallow flats of Lake Marion on Santee Cooper lake system in South Carolina. We like to target the big blues right at daylight when they are still feeding in 3 to 5 feet of water. There is a lot of grass in the water and the blues are seeking anything along these edges. We usually anchor the front and back of the boat and cast 12 rods all around the boat. We normally cast 30 yards or so, sit and wait on them to hammer down. We start this fishing the beginning of the year and it gets really good about mid March.

  15. bassbandit4201 says:

    Steve fishing grand lake st.marys Ohio shallow lake real muddy bottom channel blues flathead bullhead average deth is 5 ft.deepest is 12ft.catch a lot of 3 pounders all the time did catch a 9 pound channel last year any hints on how to pull more big ones this year

  16. Steve Douglas says:

    i would probably target the flatheads with live bait, you will get less bites but the ones you get will be big.

  17. matwood26 says:

    Steve i need some advice. I am fishing the mississippi river in southeastern iowa and I have gone out everyday this week and cannot get a bite. I am strictly bank fishing and used every type of bait except for shad and thats today. Any ideas to what type of area I should try looking for?

  18. Steve Douglas says:

    Look to the shallower water like the flats or banks that has some wood cover and use cutbait for sure.

  19. Cat Hunter says:

    Steve, I’ve been wanting to know for awhile now, what are the rods you use in the videos on YouTube for drifting? I’m looking for some new rods for channel catfishing that are close to 8ft, with a sensitive tip to let the fish load up before I set the hook. I really liked your rods unless you have other suggestions? Thanks Steve

  20. Steve Douglas says:

    Tangling with catfish rods, ive been using them for about four years

  21. nitetrane says:

    I mostly fish lake tawakoni here in texas. You have made some VERY good informational you tube videos. But most of your tips work really well here. Find the fish and catch em. Thanks for the information and rod holders.

  22. Steve Douglas says:


  23. briscoe2101 says:

    Thanks you Steve I have learned alot from your site and other anglers….Looking forward to meeting you out on the Ohio RIver someday…lol

  24. Tsen77 says:

    Referring to Cattermans comment from July 2010, he mentioned using cut eel…..? Where do you get it from, & is it worth it, compared to shad, skipjack, or bluegill?

  25. MattTheCatSlayer says:

    I’m sure it’s on here somewhere or in a video. I skimmed thru didn’t find it so I’m gonna ask.. I just want to know what pole Steve uses? Action and length also?

  26. Steve Douglas says:

    Tangling with catfish rods and they are medium to heavy 7 ft 6 in

  27. MattTheCatSlayer says:

    Thanks Steve

  28. coreydry says:

    Can I find skipjack near south texas houston area? I have only found shad in my area.

  29. Steve Douglas says:

    yea i do not think you guys have them in texas but shad and carp would make great bait

  30. shumate says:

    I just found this site I think its great all the info you have I have become addicted to catfishing in the past 2 years just trying to dial in some techniques and tactics to up my personal best.Fishing High rock and Badin here in North Carolina. Thanks for all the info!!

  31. Steve Douglas says:

    thanks i hope my pages will help you. good luck

  32. Steve Douglas says:

    no sir i wouls say shad would be your best bait for Houston.

  33. Jason Wildman says:

    Thank you Steve Douglas and wife for the YouTube videos, very nice job on them.I am working on getting some videos on youtube as well. Whenever you are in Tucson, Az let me know . Thanks for the information ….happy hunting….

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