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Two different methods for catching bait for huge catfish

First method is used for catching skip jack herring below dams in the Ohio, Tennessee, Cumberland Rivers and its tributaries. Other river in the mid west and south east will sometimes also have skip jack available. Skip jack herring is one of the most popular baits that anglers use for catching very large Blue cats in big rivers.

The second method for catch trophy catfish bait is the golden eye, Moon eye or other wise known as tooth herring. This widely distrubuted forage fish is also a very popular bait to use when fishing in the rivers in the south eat/ mid west.

Catfishing tip: Off setting circle hooks

I had allot of request and questions this month about circle hooks. One guy actually hit me up on Facebook while he was on the river, he said he was getting alot of take downs but wasnt hooking up with them. I have done this tip in another video but it kinda gets lost within a 10 min. video, so i thought i would do a short, get to the point video specifically about how off set a circle hook for better hook ups.

circle hook for catfishing