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As we know the cooler the water, the more oxygen is penetrated. I hear allot of guys say they put soda bottles of frozen ice in there live wells to keep the water cooler, but does it really help?

 Sure it will cool it some initially but it will not maintain its coolness for long. My theory is, (water frozen in pop bottle dont work well) and here’s why.The diagram below  shows a bottle half melted, in the beginning as you initiualy put your frozen pop bottle in your live well, is when it will cool the most, but then after you get some melt water surrounding the ice and is trapped inside of a non-cold transferring material, the melt water kind of act like an insulator, preventing the ice from actually cooling your live tank sufficiently. 

now i understand why guys are doing this, for the fish. anglers are not wanting to harm the fish with tap,  chlorine water and i do applaud their efforts.

But honestly  a couple gallons of tap water will not harm your fish in a 60-100 gallon live tank, and the truth be known, the fish are probably living/swimming in more harmful substances than the chlorine now!

i have found that blocks or chunks of ice has worked best for me, i will buy it, or make it which ever, depends on the situation im presented with.  To make block/chunk  ice I will fill gallon zip lock bags with water and freeze them, but when I’m ready to cool my water, i will remove the zip lock bags so that my tank water is in direct contact with the ice, resulting a more efficient cool down and will also be easier to maintain a desired temperature through out the day.

P.S. be sure to discard your old zip locks in the proper place.