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Trophy catfishing Tackle and gear starter kit

I would like to include all of you in this contest that I’m doing on YouTube but give you the option to participate. This will be an awesome prize package for someone just starting out.

Watch the video for details.

Good Luck to everyone

fishing tackle contest

Thanks for subscribing to our videos, with out our subscribers we wouldnt have made it this far. So as a thank you, we wanted to give everyone a chance at this cool package. However if you dont win on this one , we will have a few more giveaways in the future. Thanks Again everyone.
Contest is only good for U.S. shipments only.
Rules are simple, you must be a subscriber to our Youtube channel.
Answer the 10 questions below.
And email your answers, along with your name and address to

Contest Date starts July 6th2014 and ends with a drawing on Aug, 6th 2014
Question are listed below,

1. In what video do I mention connecting the dots as a reference to finding deep ledges for drifting techniques?
2. In what video do you see and hear me talk about my fishing line being all slimed up?
3. In what video do you see me get the death role and bloody hand from a 70 lb bluecat. (There is actually two video with this scene in it and I will accept either one.)
4. In what video do I break my rod tip and say I’m finished fishing now?
5. In what video do I catch a flathead catfish with no Dorsal fin?
6. What video do I talk about scent trails and how they help us catch catfish?
7. Find the video that I give credit to my friend Doc Lange for sharing his tip with me.
8. In what video do I demonstrate how to hook a live shad
9. In what video do I use an elastic tubing as an aid to catch catfish?
10. In what video do I talk about not throwing my cut bait scraps overboard while I’m fishing.

Good Luck to everyone and thanks for your support.
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Here’s what’s up for grabs friends.

1- Tangling with catfish extreme series rod, with aluminum reel seats and stainless steel Eyes. 70.00
1-Shimano CDF401A Cardiff A Bait casting Reel 119.00
spooled with 1-150 yard spool of 80 lb test McCoy braided fishing line. 17.00
Tackle box consisting of a bait knife, no roll sinkers, dragging sinkers, santee floats, swivels and two different mustad size hooks . 75.00
1- Lowrance Elite-4 — 249.00

1 spool of 50 lb mono leader 4.00
Everything is brand spankin new except for a few of the sinkers and is worth over 550.00


World Catfish Classic: Ebro River in Chiprana, Spain

Congratulations to Phil King, Tim Haynie and David Shipman for being chosen by Berkley to represent the USA in the first ever world championship of catfishing.

5/31/2011 Ross Honey (event organizer)will be launching the first ever World Catfish tournament. Event will take place from may 31st to june 3rd 2011. Spain has won the right to host the event and the magnificent River Ebro will be the venue. The event will be based in the Chiprana section of the river which is well known for both its high numbers and size of Catfish. There is 51 teams that will be competing in the event and 16 different countries being represented in the world catfish tournament with three well known american anglers repesenting the USA. Captain Phil King, Tim Haynie and David Shipman.

The nationally known team of Phil King and Tim Haynie have several career accomplishments under there belts including:
– 2006 Cabela’s points race champion team member
– 2007 Bass Pro Shop National Champion
– 2007 National Catfish Derby World Champion
– 2009 Bass Pro Shop National Champion

David Shipman is also a well known angler representing the USA
David’s latest career accompishment was winning the 2010 Cabelas KIng Kat Classic in Columbus MS.

This is a pairs event and each pair will be entitled to have a team helper should they wish.

Competitors will only be allowed to fish from the shore but will be allowed to have their team helper use a boat to put bait in. The event will be held over 3 days in between 09.00 and 18.00 each day. The venue will be divided into 3 zones and competitors will fish in a different zone each day. On the opening night there will be a parade with competitors and their national flags to the location for the official opening by the mayor of Chiprana and officials.

There will be a draw on the first night by the competitors to see the zone order that they will be fishing followed by a draw for the peg they will fish on the first day. At the end of the first day all competitors will meet back at the specially prepared event HQ. At this location will be the event stage. The days’ results will be announced with the captor of the biggest Catfish being crowned King cat and the leaders being presented with the leaders jackets. There will then be a peg draw for the following day. Competitors will already know which zone they will be fishing next but not the peg, so there will be a lot of interest to see what has been caught in the new peg drawn. This will be followed by a traditional meal and fiesta. The same will be repeated over the 3 days with the final day being the Champions’ Dinner and the trophy presentation. The winners will be the captors of the greatest weight of catfish over the 3 days.

• 09.00 – 18.00 each day

• Each night competitors will get together for an evening celebration and results update
• Champions dinner and prize giving will take place at 20.30 Friday 3rd June
• Competition is a no kill best practice angling
• No live bait
• The section of the river required will be closed from Monday 30th May to Friday 3rd June

Event Schedule

May 31st 2011

Competitors registration
Flag parade through Chiprana
Opening Ceremony
Peg Draw
Opening fiesta provided

1st June 2011

Round 1of competition 09.00 – 18.00
Return to HQ
Announcements of days results
Presentation of daily prizes
Evening meal provided

2nd June 2011

Round 2 of competition 09.00- 18.00
return to HQ
Announcements of days results
Presentation of daily prizes
Evening meal provided

3rd June 2011

Round 3 of competition 09.00- 18.00
Return to HQ
Announcements and presentation of prizes
Inaugural World Catfish Classic Champions crowned
Champions fiesta provided
Closing ceremony

i would like to wish the team USA good luck and a safe return home. Go Team USA.


Congratulations to Team USA Phil King, Tim Haynie and David Shipman for there strong showing and 2ND place finish in the world Catfish Classic, just missing first place by only 1.32 lbs.