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Catch Catfish on the Current Seams: HOT-SPOT

Current seams are created naturally as the river current flows to one side of the river via the channel, and diversions such as points and humps on the river bank or river bed have occurred causing the water flow to slow, creating a seam between the fast flowing current and the slower diverted water.   most times  eddies [dead mostly slower water] will develop in this process,  funneling water from the tail of the Eddie towards its head creating a whirlpool effect. Current seams and particularly eddies can concentrate drifting food. small forage fish will use the current seam to pick through the drift,  in turn these current seams will also attract the trophy catfish as they feed on these forage fish. Setting up or anchoring on these current seams can sometimes be tricky, boat placement is crucial, if you  anchor to far out in the fast side of the seam, this will cause your bait presentation to drift further out into the main current away from the seam, and if you anchor to far in on the slower side of seam, the Eddie remember has created that whirlpool effect causing your boat to spin, instant tangled mess. there is a fine line between these two transitions, once you find your positioning  you will drastically increase your chances of hooking into a trophy catfish.

now guys, im gonna tell you straight up! that fishing current seams is a great place to target your trophy  however keep in mind that there will always be one key element that must be present to make this type of spot productive, water flow!  i like fast to moderate current  when fishing the seams, if the flow is slow, the seams will just disappear and seem non existent and therefore not productive!