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Catfish Regulations on the Ohio River

Please help us catfishing friends, Kentuckys fisheries on the ohio river is being used to continuously stock Private pay ponds. This trend is a growing, if not booming, business that keeps the demand for large fish increasing year after year. The center of the pay pond universe seems to be centered in southern Ohio, with convenient access to a supply of big fish to stock their ponds with.

The ironic thing is that the states of Ohio and West Virginia don’t allow commercial fishing in their waters. Also, Tennessee and neighboring Alabama have world class blue cat fisheries that are protected in that only one fish over 34 inches is allowed per person, per day.

hooking a catfish

All this has led to a perfect storm of sorts for Ohio River catfishermen, as commercial fisherman all across the region looking to satisfy the demand for big fish logistically close to their customer, have focused most of their efforts on the Kentucky portion of the Ohio River, west of Cincinnati.

Commercial pressure that was once spread out over several states has now been focused on less water, and sport fisherman across the state are worried this increased pressure is making large fish harder to come by.

If you would like to help, let your KDFWR or State representative know that you support regulations to protect these large catfish from over exploitation.

You can also voice your opinion in the public meeting on November 1st 2013 in frankfort Kentucky at The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
#1 Sportsman’s Lane
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 564-7109

How to catch flathead catfish with cut bait

Catch Flathead catfish using fresh cut bait is very effective in the springtime. This video shows a real day on the water as the day unfolds our videos are not scripted, its totally shot as it happens.