Beginners Gear Survey

Beginner’s Gear Guide Survey: Help New Anglers get Started Right

With over 150,000 anglers a year that visit the Discover catfishing website, one of the biggest problems I have as a writer, is to continually come up with solid content that is interesting and engaging to anglers of all skill levels.

Some of our members want to read about the more advanced techniques such as target drifting ledges, while others just need some help deciding rod and reel combo is best suited for them or tackle considerations.

As I started to write about a beginners getting started guide, I began to think about a couple of problems with this article. Number One, this is the kind of subject that might put an experienced angler to sleep. And two, once I sat down and actually started writing I realized that trying to pick the perfect combination of tackle and equipment for the three species in different parts or regions of the country could be endless.

So I came up with an idea that would solve my problem, one which would allow all to participate. Actually creating better data for new anglers view and to make good decisions based on other anglers choices in the survey results.


One of the coolest things about the Discover Catfishing website community, is our angling diversity. We’ve got some great everyday catfishing anglers from around the country that target small ponds, rivers and creeks mixed in with some of the top Tournament Pro’s pros that travel the country competing for cash as well as guides who fish for a living.

This is the perfect opportunity for the experienced Discover catfishing anglers to lend a helping hand to the folks that are still getting their feet wet in the sport.

The topic is Help Us Build a Beginners gear List.

The idea is to keep it simple. Imagine that you had to start from scratch, and needed the basics to succeed.

catfishing survey

catfishing survey


  1. scottlu says:

    really enjoy your site i`ve been at it for years(fishing) just found computors about a year ago at 70 years i can still learn it`s great keep it up and i`ll keep watching &fishing

  2. scottlu says:

    p s i like the rod holders

  3. admin says:

    thank you

  4. admin says:

    thank you, im sure you could add some secrets also, thanks for stopping by.

  5. gotta_fish says:

    Ive got a question ,if a new world record or state record catfish is caught ,what would be the best way to get it weighed and recorded ,perhaps it was caught at night somewhere and you cant get it certified then ,is there a way you can post some info for us readers to contact our state authorities (im in NC),I know its our responsibilities to conserve our resources for our Future generations .Tight lines to you!!.

  6. Cainpole40 says:

    Your site makes me want to go fishing even more! if that is possible.

  7. Steve Douglas says:


  8. Torvaldsberg says:

    Filled out the poll as best I could, but I do have a couple comments. I chose spin-casting rod/reel since spinning was not in any of the options. Also, for some reason, the questions which asked for multiple answers still only allowed me to take one selection.

    Not a big deal, I am new to the site, but if it is as helpful as your videos(how I got here), I want to thank you in advance.

  9. fargo5437 says:

    Thanks for all the info I’m new to the Ohio river,at the Otter Creek area. This site has so much useful information, I have put many hours on the bank with no luck. After reading your site I’m ready to change my tactics and catch a big one.

  10. Steve Douglas says:


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