Hi, my name is Steve Douglas; I am the owner and operator of Monster Rod Holders. I run several websites and blogs that are fishing and outdoors related.

I am professional competitive catfish tournament angler from the state of Kentucky, competing across the U.S. in the Cabelas King Kat Pro series tournament trail, ranking, 2nd in the nation among my peers for two consecutive years in a row.

I have embedded myself deep into the catfishing industry not only as a tournament angler but also as a manufacture of catfishing products and also participating as a major sponsor of the Cabelas King Kat national tournament trail.

I started the Discover cat fishing site because I get a lot of request for catfishing information from folks on my websites and through emails.

So I thought I could help many more folks learn about a certain topic and to provide real information, tips, techniques and proven methods if I posted the information on one website with articles that could be shared easily. Instead of approaching it, one person at a time.

As the sport grows, so does the desire from new anglers to obtain qualified information for better catch results! Over the years I has enjoyed helping many anglers improve their catch rate, and don’t mind to share what I have learned over the years competing on the national trails..

Here are a few media publications that I have been featured in over the years pertaining to catfishing.

Field Editor/Pro Staff for Kentucky outdoor magazine.



Other media:

Kentucky Afield magazine

WHAS Radio, Outdoors with Jim Strader

Cabelas King Kat publications


  1. fisherjoe says:

    Great website and videos. Been interesting to watch Steve’s endeavors in the business and competition sides of the sport grow over the last few years. I have learned a lot in a short amount of time and it is all appreciated.

  2. admin says:

    thanks joe!

  3. stephmark says:

    Great site and very informative but however I don’t want to sound like I don’t have a lot of brains but I have the Lowerance x-4 pro fish finder and I seem to understand it ok but however the one question I have is what part of the boat do I fish from?? My transducer is on the back of my boat, but are the readings I get are they all in front of the boat or straight down from where the transducer is?? I’m new to boating and fish finders, but done mostly bank fishing, I have always learned there are no stupid questions but the unasked ones. Thanks and I will be visiting the site a lot.

  4. admin says:

    the view you will be looking at starts at the transducer and makes about a 60 degree cone as it hit the bottom, so yea you will pretty much be looking directly under the boat. however they do make a side view fish finder that will look 100 ft. or so in both left and right directions.

    good luck


  5. Top says:

    I am glad to call Steve a friend,I met Steve at a national gathering of catfishermen/women sponsored by the United States Catfish Association.

  6. fishnblues says:

    Just found this site,I have enjoyed Steve’s videos. I am excited about all the good information Look forward to learning more about the blues.

  7. John says:

    Steve I really like your video’s they have givin me some help for the up coming tournament sea we will be starting in march.

    Team Catmax will be having an open tournament at Craigs Creek in Warsaw Ky on the 31st of march start time is 8am stop time is 4pm with a weigh in time of 4:30pm and with our club you don’t have to own a boat to fish we welcome everyone.

  8. FresnoJack says:

    I found your informative videos on YouTube and followed over to Discover Catfishing.

    In a recent video you used tubular elastic meshing to secure chicken livers. Where can I obtain the mesh?

    Thank you,


  9. Steve Douglas says:

    there is a link in the video descripion on where to purchase this tubing, thanks for visiting my site , i hope you find my info useful. This is where i get Elastic tubing, Size 1, –

  10. netman says:

    Steve what a bunch of hog wash. In my opinion when you fish in tournaments you and other tournament fisherman should be required to have a commercial fishing license. You are out there and on here to make money. Plan and simple. If not why is your website plastered with promotional products? Why are you standing in front of a Cabelas trailer holding a catfish out of the water for extended periods of time with your promotional shirt?
    Yes I am a comm fisherman. Yes I make money doing so.
    It seems that only tournament catfisherman and trophy catfisherman are the only groups that know more about catfish and the Ohio River than the Ky Fish and Wildlife. Ky Fish and Wildlife are a top shelf department and know what they are doing. However a bunch of internet fisherman seem to know more and using the media to get their way.
    How much money are you making from this site in the name of catfishing? Your a commercial fisherman too.

  11. netman says:

    I see my post is up for moderation. I bet it will not make the site.

  12. Steve Douglas says:

    well as i have explained many time mr.netman, i do not have a problem with commercial fishing, what i do have a problem with is commercial fisherman targeting the trophy fish to sell to pay lakes, all im asking is to put some regs on the amount of trophy fish allowed per day. i am open to discussion with you guys and certainly am not wanting to completely do away with commercial fishing like some guys out there are wanting to do. you seem to know who i am but yet you choose to keep your name hidden. i want whats best for everybody including you commercial fisherman, there should be a compromise instead of this fighting. with more and more ppl getting into the sport you should know this resource is not gonna last forever. there will be a meeting soon and i would expect you to be there to voice your opinion, and explain that tournament guys should have a commercial license if that the way you feel, however my fish are always returned to the water in good shape, as we take precautions on how we hold them in our tanks, that is on reason i sell the akwalung live tank system. so mr netman, i will approve your post and you can post more on your concerns as long as you keep it civil, as this is a site for ppl and families to learn how to catch catfish as a sport.

  13. Bigjohn says:

    There is a ramp I would like to use but theres only 16 inches of water at low tide, then a severe drop off. We have always fished the incoming tide. Have you ever had any problems with very short shallow ramps and if so what is your solution to this problem

  14. Bigjohn says:

    By the way great site. My son and I have watched a ton of your videos.

  15. james gibson says:

    well steve i totaly agree with ur coment even though im a little off on time spread but i got on here to ask u bout up comeing monsters on the ohio tourney. and how u plan on gettin the job done lol. jus kidding im local fellow thats in it and lookin forward to meating u at the meeting friday night.only been chasein big blues 3 years but love it and will except pointers lol see ya then

  16. Steve Douglas says:


  17. Steve Douglas says:

    SORRY Bigjon , i have never experience that low of water before.

  18. Tsen77 says:

    Steve, it was a great pleasure to meet you the other day at Lowe’s, also, great article in Kentucky Outdoors about freezing/preserving bait. Usually when I net shad, or catch skipjack, i put them in a ziplock bag, then in a cooler on ice right away. I suppose that works ok, will definatly do like you suggest in the article, & add the rock salt.

    One question, you have a video, “gettin to the spot part 1” where you go through spots most would probably avoid in a 12 ft jon boat, was there ever a part 2 to that showing the payoff?


  19. Steve Douglas says:

    sorry for the late reply, i always enjoy meeting other anglers, yes i do have a part 2 but i will have to find it as it got moved in the shuffle, but it was just some good sized channelcats. thanks again

  20. BarrenRiverCatter says:

    Steve, I have just wondered onto your site… I have to say the knowledge and information on this site is awesome. I’ve spent most the day reading articles,watching videos, and signing practitions. Loaded with some new found and refound knowledge and tips, I plan to hit the water soon. I would like to see more on the catfishing boat set ups, type of boats. I run a 14 foot Jon with 20hp mercury. Also do you have rod holders for this type of boat? As you can tell I’m also from Kentucky but I mainly fish smaller rivers but I might have access to Green River at the mouth of Barren River AKA Woodbury. It isn’t too far out of the way. Any tips for locating the big ones in smaller water ways? I’d love to see some articles or videos. Great site!!!

  21. jldean23 says:

    Steve my name is Jeremy im from beckley, wv I fish for flatheads in the Upper Kanawha river near the Winfield locks and was wanting to talk to you if possible about skipjack and etc…I have tried to find your email address to contact you that way but cant find it.

    My email is would like to chat on phone about the flatheads if you can find time i will send you my number once i get a email thanks and love the videos learning alot…

  22. Steve Douglas says:

    thanks we do have some new videos on boats and rigs coming soon, thanks for visiting our site.

  23. Tsen77 says:

    Steve, in your videos for catching skipjack, you mention by august they become harder to find….when are the best times season wise for catching them in good sized schools? Also, nice new graphics on the truck….I pass by on 245 just about everyday…my father-in-law and I are heading down to the cannelton pool Monday.

  24. dmott says:

    Steve, I have enjoyed watching your videos. I am starting to get into fishing more latley. we have a place down on the Ohio River just west of Vevay, In. It is on Craigs Bar. I am anxious to try some of your techniques on the Kentucky River. I watched the video where you were fishing on the Kentucky River in Feb. I recognized the blue bridge in the back ground. Do you have any more videos where you were fishing on this part of the river?

  25. Steve Douglas says:

    THANKS I do believe i’ve got a cpl different vids on that stretch of water, not sure e which one you watched. thanks for stoping by.

  26. Tsen77 says:

    Steve, I watched the “boat dozer” video…..again….probably 20 times by now, it never gets old. On the video it asks how far would one go to get to the spot, I went out on Sympson lake in Bardstown this past Monday–how about breaking through 1/2″ or better of ice at the ramp, & all the way out to the end of the “no wake” zone. It cost me a set of taillight lenses on the trailer, but it put 3 Blue cats in the freezer at about 5 pounds a piece.

    Also, I wanted to ask, is there a limit on how much shad you are allowed to take by cast net in Kentucky? Last spring I got into a huge school of them, & have had enough bait to last all summer, & through the winter so far.

    Thanks for all the great info!


  27. Tsen77 says:


    Is there a difference between lakes & rivers(say Rough River, & the Ohio River) as far as thermocline? I ask because in your videos, you fish at or close to the bottom most of the time on the Ohio, but the Corps of Engineers charts show that the water at the bottom of lakes during summer months has little to no oxygen to support fish. I was wondering if this was different in rivers maybe because there is a stronger current most if not all the time, & also maybe because the water is constantly “renewed” with rain water flowing down river. Thought I’d ask & see if you could give us your thoughts.

    Thanks, Tim

  28. Tsen77 says:


    I just watched your video on fishing the thermocline in Taylorsville Lake. I usually go out in the spring to net shad, if you go up the Salt River(past the Van Buren ramp), you can find the bigger shad faster. This past spring I was able to find the big schools of the big shad, & just about fill a 6 foot net in 1throw. It seems the small shad are out in the lake more, and the big shad tend to travel up river, away from the lake… least in spring and early summer they do.

    Thanks for another great video!


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