Bank fishing spots on the Ohio River in Kentucky

I get alot of emails of folks asking me where would be a good place to catfish from the banks. when you get around the big river towns or cities, bank fishing spots can get crowded along with alot of fishing pressure. This is one of many videos i will be doing over the course of my outings that i will share with everyone who is bank bound. This spot is very secluded with little or no pressure from anglers which also has a great potential for catching not only numbers of catfish, but there is a good chance you could hook into a trophy catfish too. However please remember that these trophy size catfish are a resource we cant afford to abuse, please practice catch and release with them. As far as the 5-10 lb eater catfish, there are plenty of them and certainly better eating than the larger fish. Good luck to all.


Here is a couple more videos of the type fish you can expect to catch in this area. These videos were shot within casting distance from this spot.


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