Catfishing tip: Off setting circle hooks

I had allot of request and questions this month about circle hooks. One guy actually hit me up on Facebook while he was on the river, he said he was getting alot of take downs but wasnt hooking up with them. I have done this tip in another video but it kinda gets lost within a 10 min. video, so i thought i would do a short, get to the point video specifically about how off set a circle hook for better hook ups.

circle hook for catfishing

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  1. CMiller says:


    I use the 8ft Catmaxx MH rods from BPS. I have a question, having a problem with hook set. I use biggest live bait I can catch which can mean whatever I catch that is big enough (sometimes carp, suckers, sheephead, or even 10-12 inch channel cats). I use 8/0 Gamagatsu circle hooks and I usually hook them through the back behind the dorsal fin. My question is this: Is my hook too small and not giving a wide enough gap for hook set or is it that my rod does not have a fast enough tip and that the Catmaxx rod is too stiff? I lost a monster a couple of nights ago that I got to the bank and he was not hooked at all. When I finally got him turned around after about 3 minutes, he spit the bait out. Just curious to your suggestions. I don’t think I can go to a faster tip due to casting the big baits, so I might need to go back to the J style hook which I don’t really want to do. Thanks for the great website and all the tips.

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