circle hook for catfishing
The circle hook has become the popular choice among many catfish anglers. Circle hooks are designed to turn quickly and penetrate a cat’s meaty outer mouth as it pulls against the tension of the rod.

Because of the circle hooks design most cats will get hooked in the corner of the mouth and not deep in the gut. For this reason, cats are more likely to stay hooked during the battle and they can be released with little or no harm.

Let the rod and hook do the work for you. Do not jerk back to attempt to set the hook like one would do with a regular J style hook.

It’s important to use a fast action (Soft ) tipped rod when using circle hooks, a stiff heavy action rod is not recommended.

Once the fish has taken the bait allow the rod to load heavy before attempting to reel it in assuring a solid hook up.

Resist the urge to jerk or set the hook when the bite is first detected.

Allow fish travel with the bait before applying slow steady pressure. In order for a circle hook to work properly the fish must pick up the bait and make a turn away. Every living creature is protective of food, and its instinct to grab the food turn and move away and find a safe place.

Just like a dog or cats reaction, throw them some food and watch what they do. GRAB IT,TURN AND MOVE AWAY. So with this imprinted instinct also within catfish the circle hooks are very effective.

Most any catfish rig will work when using circle hooks its more about allowing the fish to hook themselves and not getting hurry, jerking and pulling it out of the fishes mouth.



  1. madshovelhead says:

    steve what size hook do you use thank ya for the info good stuff been fishing any

  2. Steve Douglas says:

    #8 to a #10 Mustad circle hook

  3. Jevon says:

    Can you use circle hooks,and still use the baitrunner option on the reel??? I kinda like that option fishing for blues using kahle hooks,didnt know if they would work for circles,your opinion would be much appreciated,thank you.

  4. Steve Douglas says:

    Jevon i have found over the years that bait runners and circle hook dont mix, i like to lock my reel down and loosen my drag a bit. the rod you use with circle hooks also play a big role in how well you hook up. a stiff heavy action rod is not good, i like a MH rod with a soft action tip.

  5. Jevon says:

    Thanks Steve,my rod with the baitrunner is pretty heavy anyway,think ill just stick with kahles on that one,and throw the circles on the lighter one,apreciate it.

  6. bikeman1950 says:

    Watched a video where Steve talked of the jigs he’d designed with stronger hooks for skipjack. Where can I locate tnese?

  7. Steve Douglas says:

    i am temp out of stock but will have more soon

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