CatfishingTips:Learn a winter pattern for catching big catfish

This video shows one of my techniques that I use to locate active wintering catfish in rivers. Locating depressions or holes on the river bed,small key areas along the river system that is deeper than the rest. With the assistance of a depth finder/GPS I can quickly pin point and key into prime hot spots for winter time action. Some holes will hold fish and some holes dont seem to do as well. My plan of attack is to pick 5 key areas within a samll strectch of river and target them until I confirm a working pattern. The water temp was 43 degrees and the date was Jan 17th 2015.


winter catfishing

Winter catfishing techniques

How to build a fishing gauge: Best times to fish

Here is a neat little project that you can even get the kids involved in.

Make a home made fishing gauge to help determine the best times to try to fish.

fishing gauge

Best times to fish

Fish on days when your fish gauge has the inner bottle water falling. Fish are more prone to be active when the water in the inner bottle is falling or low. If there is a lot of water in the inner bottle, it means slow bite. Less or no water in the inner bottle indicates best times.

High Pressure: Typically means High skies or otherwise referred to as blue bird skies, clear with little to no clouds. Fish seem to become less active and will tend to move towards cover holding tight.
Rising Pressure: Fishing activity seems to improve somewhat with improving conditions.
Normal and Stable Pressure: The fish are active and feeding.
Falling Pressure: Changing weather brings the best fishing opportunities as the fish become the most active at this point.
Low Pressure: fish become less active during this cycle, weather can become rainy with storms.
It’s import however to understand this is only a guide line and fun little family project to help get the kids involved. There is nothing guaranteed in fishing as there are also other variables which help determine your fishing out come.